Subscriber Analytics

Detailed traffic and subscriber analytics for a better understanding of traffic and usage patterns

Traffic usage for service providers and MVNOs has been shifting from traditional traffic such as P2P, chat, SMS and voice, towards data-based, application-centric services like VoIP and OTT. This shift requires an updated methodology for usage pattern identification and traffic classification so that product owners, customer experience managers, data analysts and marketing managers can target specific market segments with charging plans that appeal to customers and drive ARPA and ARPU growth.

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    The number of connected devices per household/user will continue to increase exponentially in the years to come. Quality of experience (QoE) and customer experience management (CEM) will be key to nurturing customer loyalty and anticipating risks of customer churn. With the right data in hand, new opportunities for growth in both quad play and single service offers will be created.

    • Telecom vendors can build on our DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 to create leading-edge products in the areas listed below.
    • Telecom operators and regulators looking for a traffic analytics solution can rely on our R&S®Net Reporter analytics platform and R&S®Net Sensor passive IP probe to increase subscriber awareness.

    Typical R&S®PACE 2 applications

    • CRM platforms
    • CEM platforms
    • Big data monetization

    Typical R&S®Net Reporter, R&S®Net Sensor use cases

    • Advanced passive probing
    • Traffic monitoring
    • Traffic reporting
    • Trend analysis
    • Churn prediction
    • KPI monitoring