Security Equipment Vendors

Network protection in times of virtualization

Protecting networks requires fluidity in network architecture and constant, passive, observation and active handling of identified issues. Threats can be brought in by a known user unknowingly through BYOD, IoT, file download permissions and automatic software upgrades which can all contribute to network usage congestion or malware infection.

DPI-enabled analytics allow you to recognize any irregular behavior caused by a network security breach and to identify the issue of this behavior. They provide an in-depth view of the network activities rather than a superficial one and provide essential intelligence which allows:

  • Policy enforcement
  • Malware protection
  • Secure protocol communication

We offer a variety of solutions: from embedded DPI to turnkey traffic analytics solutions which can be used for threat identification. In the following, you can find out how our solutions can add value to state-of-the-art and more traditional use cases in telecom and enterprise network environments.