Industry Outlook

Nothing is as constant as change

… and this is especially true for IT networks and network technology. There are mainly two drivers forcing network operators (telecoms and enterprises) to constantly think about increasing network efficiency and possibilities to lower OPEX spendings:

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1 Data usage growth

High-resolution video & audio streaming services and cloud & fog computing increase the amount of data that has to be transferred over both public and private networks.

2 Device count growth

In an all-connected world, trends like 5G, the IoT or BYOD are responsible for a huge increase in connected network devices and users/subscribers.

To be able to deal with this exponential growth, networks  need to be flexible in order to adapt to changed network requirements in a quick and automated manner (e. g. scaling out unneeded resources at times when network usage is low). Technological concepts like SND & NFV have the goal to provide this flexibility to network operators and to abstract the network itself from the underlying infrastructure.

Traffic Analytics enabled by DPI technology provides  essential information  in order to evaluate the operational network status and significantly improves SDN/NFV-based concepts such as Service Function Chaining.

Please see our whitepaper for further insights into how DPI enables the network of the future.