Today’s mobile networks provide a wealth of data. The challenge for network operators is to turn this raw data into valuable and actionable information that enables them to make educated business decisions on topics like new data plans, network planning, content optimization, subscriber experience and peering agreements.

Highly versatile

Together, the new R&S®Net Reporter 2 and the closely integrated R&S®Net Sensor intelligent IP probe deliver a powerful, highly versatile, carrier-grade solution. The solution’s qualitative analytics approach requires less hardware and delivers similar or better results than competing products – at a much more attractive price. It features short deployment times along with flexible options to customize the solution and integrate it with third-party systems such as CRMs or big data systems. Customers benefit from quick time-to-market for new business cases.

Product - Net Rep - GUUI
Product - Net Rep - Visualization

R&S®Net Reporter 2 – connecting the dots

In a typical deployment scenario, R&S®Net Reporter 2 receives IP data records from multiple R&S®Net Sensor probes deployed throughout the network and automatically aggregates and stores application classification information. When hooked into additional databases (subscriber DB, CRM, TAC), the application classification is supplemented with additional information such as subscriber, device, location and data plan. An easy-to-use, intuitive user interface provides a wide variety of views, filtering and drill-down options on the underlying data.

Solution architecture

Product - Net Rep - Deployment

Traffic and subscriber analytics use cases

  • Marketing

    Offer compelling new data plans based on subscriber’s actual application usage trends to increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and reduce churn. 

    To answer the following questions:

    • What user group is causing the most traffic? (e.g by handset, OS, contract)
    • What subscribers have a LTE capable phone but no LTE supporting contract?
    • What bundled offer should be marketed next based on the habits of certain user groups?
    • Does it make sense to use social media (which?) no-limit packages to create new offers?
  • Network operation department

    Use Content Deliver Network (CDN) analytics to optimize CDN cache access. 

    To answer the following questions:

    • Is my transparent proxy / cache working as expected?
    • What is the busy hour and what application causes the most traffic at this time?
    • What amount of traffic need special Quality of Service (QoS) classes like low delay or low loss?
  • Network planning

    Control performance of IP network traffic in real-time to improve overall network performance.

    To answer the following questions:

    • How many subscribers get throttled every month?
    • What is the average volume per subscriber using our e.g. Spotify flat?
    • Does my roaming steering work as expected?