R&S®INTRA (Intelligent Network Traffic Analytics) enables communication service providers (CSPs) to tailor their analytics to their needs, enabling them to fully understand the network in order to increase business efficiency.

Cost pressure continues to increase while the average revenue per user (ARPU) is decreasing. CSPs need to maximize their return on investment (ROI) by optimizing capital investments and generating new revenue streams. Here, R&S®INTRA springs into action: It enables informed business decisions by eliminating isolated decision-making and by connecting commercial with technical information.


Clear advantages for everyone in your organization

Stop trying to choose the right analytics product for your department and get a customized cross-departmental analytics platform for your whole organization. R&S®INTRA features short deployment times along with flexible options to customize the solution. Integration with thirdparty systems such as CRMs or big data systems becomes effortless. Benefit from quick time-to-market for new business cases and short response times for customizations and fixes thanks to in-house development and an open reporting API.

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Granular data for actionable business intelligence

R&S®INTRA provides granular visibility of the entire network with real-time reporting. This includes specific access to network segments, gateways, users, connected devices and locations. It turns data about network usage and application performance into meaningful business intelligence and feeds for big data.

Key benefits

  • Get highly customized and deep insights based on real network usage and application performance
  • Remove isolated decisions and enable your organization to establish a sustainable operational model by creatinga holistic analytics platform
  • Make use of the solution’s flexible capabilities and deployment scenarios and be prepared for future challenges and technologies (IoT and NFV)

Faster subscriber resolving

For trend and application analytics, R&S®INTRA performs subscriber anonymization so that personal identification information is not accessible. For customer care and service optimization, the analytics platform provides granular data, which allows associating data rates and quality of experience parameters to individual subscribers. This enables faster problem identification and quality of services improvements for subscribers.

    Highest performing DPI engine on the market

    The solution is powered by the DPI software R&S®PACE 2 that offers highly reliable classification of applications. Additionally, it can extract richer data according to usage time, type of content, identification of different types of services and top applications. R&S®PACE 2 is deployed worldwide and known for fast performance and efficient memory usage. The software library is constantly being updated and enhanced with the newest applications worldwide.

      Highly versatile deployment scenarios

      A tight integration with customers’ data processing infrastructure allows R&S®INTRA to provide valuable insights to enrich existing information and to give new dimensions to all collected data. The immense amount and diversity of collected data empowers the system to be used both as an independent reporting platform and as a source of deep traffic knowledge for export into third-party processing systems.

      Additional benefits:

      • Fully virtualized solution
      • Fast connectivity (up to 100 GbE)
      • High scalability (several Tbps)
      • Full statistics resolution with a reporting rate at 1 second
      • RAN analytics
      • Extraction and correlation of user and control data planes
      • Data export for big data systems
      Product Image - INTRA - deployment