• Accolade Technology

    Accolade is a technology leader in high performance 1-100GE FPGA based Application Acceleration Network Interface Cards (NICs). Accolade’s NICs have been integrated with R&S Protocol and Application Classification Engine (R&S®PACE2) software to offer application awareness in Enterprise & Cloud Security Solutions, Data Forensics and Endpoint Protection.

  • IBM

    Rohde & Schwarz is a member of the IBM PartnerWorld program. Both companies are connected through their mutual partner Affirmed. Affirmed have ported their vEPC (virtualized evolved packet core) solution on the IBM Power server as a NFV (Network Function Virtualization) solution. The R&S®PACE 2 software library is ideally suited and tested to run on the IBM Power server, supporting Affirmed’s vEPC/ as a NFV (Network Function Virtualization) solution.

  • Intel

    Rohde & Schwarz has been a member of the Intel Network Builders program since 2013. Engagement with the program has resulted in a fruitful collaboration with its broad ecosystem and the demonstration of a “Smart Pipe” server proof of concept at IDF 2013. The PoC, used in small cells as a mobile Internet access gateway, provides real-time applications with all available bandwidth across different access networks.

  • Luxar Tech

    Luxar Tech develops industry-leading network visibility and optical connectivity solutions for service providers and large enterprises. Luxar Tech and Rohde & Schwarz, together with Pica8, have partnered to deliver an integrated actionable analytics platform built with an SDN visibility fabric. The solution enables integrators and carriers to use SDN to build state-of-the-art traffic analytics solutions based on R&S®Net Sensor and R&S®Net Reporter in a simple and seamless way.

  • Napatech

    Napatech, the world leader in data delivery solutions for network management and security applications, and Rohde & Schwarz are working together to provide very fast traffic classification with zero packet loss, pushing traffic speeds even higher to allow network operators to accelerate the identification, analysis and delivery of data at high rates.

  • Pica8

    Pica8, a leading vendor of operating systems and white box network switches for SDN solutions, has partnered with Rohde & Schwarz and Luxar Tech to deliver an integrated actionable analytics platform built with an SDN monitoring fabric. The openness and programmability of PicOS simplifies the integration of the hardware, software controller, application, and other solution components, and when combined with the use of OpenFlow and TTP, this allows for granular flow management for even greater network traffic visibility. 

  • Radisys

    This high-powered partnership between Radisys, one of the global leaders in telecom solutions and Rohde & Schwarz delivers a unique high performance networking solution designed for real-time traffic classification and load balancing to rapidly analyze traffic and steer it through the network at line-rate speeds. The solution is delivered in an elegant architecture, which is scalable depending on the number of network functions and the magnitude of traffic generated.