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Product: Software Defined Firewall with integrated R&S®PACE 2

"We had evaluated open source alternatives as the core for our web application firewall, however they did not offer the performance and reliability required for our customers. The Rohde & Schwarz DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 gave us what we needed—from carrier-class performance and reliability to detection of applications, protocols and even encrypted applications to excellent developer documentation and sample code.”

Adam Murad

CTO at Indigo Software

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Securing communications networks

Network operators can rely on Indigo´s Software firewall as it is specifically tailored to their needs. 

By adding IP traffic analytics capabilities the firewall is able to reroute or block packets that network operators have defined by policy as illegitimate. 

For more information on their next-generation technology and the integration of our R&S® PACE 2 DPI engine have a look here.