Resources: Webinars

  • Webinar - Cross functional analytics for increased profitability


    Now more than ever, Communication Service Provider (CSPs) need solutions that help them to manage network data efficiently and cost-effectively while getting optimal value out of it. R&S®INTRA provides granular and multi-faceted visibility of the entire network with real-time reporting and export.

  • Webinar - Deep Packet Inspection: The key technology for vEPC solutions


    When your virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) solution needs deep packet inspection (DPI) as a key enabling feature, highly reliable and accurate real-time identification of network traffic and applications is an important requirement. Whether it is for analytics, policy enforcement, tiered pricing, web and video optimization, content filtering, parental control or security services, DPI is a crucial technology to implement virtualized network equipment solutions.


  • Webinar - The Key Technology for Next Generation SD-WAN Solutions


    The SD-WAN market is booming with increasing commercial interest and adoption plans. In order to stay competitive, SD-WAN vendors must advance their solutions with features and capabilities that stand out from competitors. Deep packet inspection (DPI) is necessary to support critical features such as real-time application visibility as well as enhanced security features and analytics in SD-WAN solutions.


  • Webinar: Using Deep Packet Inspection & Semantic Awareness to Implement Zero Trust to IoT

    Slider - Webinar - Intel - Using Deep Packet Inspection, Semantic Awareness to Implement Zero Trust to IoT

    The Internet of Things (IoT) will provide a wealth of information that will enable us to collect, understand and process data in real-time. This new form of M2M interaction will be partially enabled through SDN/NFV. Networks in Telecoms and other enterprises will now become connected to legacy hardware through IoT ready Telematics platforms. Securing this new technology is imperative in maintaining and protecting the network. In this webinar we will discuss how to make the network ready for IoT and explore the relation between IoT and SDN/NFV:

    • Introduction to IoT

  • Webinar: Secure High-Performance Networking in The Internet of Things

    Slider - Webinar - Secure High-Performance Networking in The Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is well on the way and carriers can see a major revenue opportunity. Indeed, IoT is the main driver behind many of the requirements for upcoming 5G specifications. But, IoT is not just another service offering; it is a paradigm shift requiring a much more open carrier network than ever before. This raises network performance management and security concerns.

  • Webinar: Eliminating Cybersecurity Blind Spots

    Image - Slider - Eliminating Cyber Security Blind Spots with DPI

    2015 was an unprecedented year as far as data breaches and cyberattacks are concerned and 2016 is shaping up to be far scarier. Funds have been stolen, company and customer data has been swiped and lives have been ruined.