Resources: Case Studies

  • Case Study R&S®INTRA - Tier 1

    Analytics solution provides insight into hybrid access network


    Large Communication Service Providers (CSPs) manage complex networks with different types of access technologies, varying subscriber and reseller base. The lack of in depth analysis of the flowing traffic and the difficulty to monitor a hybrid network that combines various technologies and approaches, make creating an insightful picture a non-trivial task.

  • Case study: DPI for vEPC vendors


    Application-aware vEPC is the key to SDN/NFV service deployments. DPI IP classification provides granular network data, which lays the foundation for application awareness in mobile networks.

    We ´ll be explaining how a leading provider of virtualized network solutions uses the best-in-class deep packet inspection (DPI) engine R&S®PACE 2 by Rohde & Schwarz to provide their CSP customers with overall network intelligence at a highly granular level.

      • Case Study: Indigo Software

        "Deep packet inspection for web application security"


        Indigo Software embeds the DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 into their web application security solution to enhance network protection and management. With the new traffic analytics capabilities, Indigo Software has been empowered to expand their business to highly regulated industries and markets.

      • Case Study: Barracuda

        Deep Packet Inspection for Cloud-Ready Firewalls

        Image - Case Studies - Barracuda

        Barracuda’s cloud-ready firewalls utilize the deep packet inspection (DPI) engine R&S®PACE 2 to achieve reliable application visibility, which allows for controlling network traffic and for facilitating the secure delivery of critical cloud business applications.

      • Case Study: Saint Security

        Deep Packet Inspection for AI-based Malware Protection Solution

        Image - Case Study - Saint Security

        Saint Security uses the deep packet inspection (DPI) engine R&S®PACE 2 in its network-based advanced malware response solution MNX to identify, analyze, judge and block malicious activity.

      • Case Study: Industrial Manufacturer

        Network Analytics and Protection Solution for Secure Networks

        Case Study - Securing Industrial

        A German manufacturing company secures its industrial networks with the Industrial Network Analytics and Protection Solution by Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity

      • Case Study: Lancope

        Deep Packet Inspection for Anomaly Detection of StealthWatch® FlowSensor

        Image - Case Studie - Lancope

        Securing networks against sophisticated attacks is a continuous cat-and-mouse game where the only rule is that there are no rules! Yet many of the solutions to securing networks today are created around assumptions on how attacks are structured in strictly-defined, deterministic approaches. We rely on firewall port-based analysis, anti-virus, malware detection and IDS/IPS pattern-based analysis to protect against attacks, but these approaches can only prevent known threats.

      • Case Study: R&S®CMW500

        Deep Packet Inspection for Leading IP Measurement

        Image - Case Study - CMW

        The demand for data is continuing to skyrocket with the rapid growth in smartphone and application usage. Unidentified applications are flooding the network causing congestions and quality of service issues for operators. Until now there has been no solution in the market that was able to detect IP traffic, as well as test and measure the impact of these applications on operator networks.