Whitepaper: DPI for vEPC vendors

real-time analytics, QoE & security


Deep packet inspection (DPI) is the essential key for vEPC vendors to truly improve competitive service differentiation and to transform markets focused on network agility, intelligence and automation. Embedded in service chains and network slices, DPI supports real-time analytics and QoE, including visualization and reports on application performance and security diagnostics for network and service operations.

Whether it is for analytics, policy enforcement, tiered pricing, web and video optimization, content filtering, parental control or security services, DPI is a crucial technology to implement virtualized network equipment solutions that add value.


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    • explore vEPC market trends, challenges and opportunities
    • learn why DPI has become a crucial technology for vEPC solutions
    • gain insights on the different use cases DPI enables
    • learn why vendors need to make the strategic choice between building or buy DPI

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