R&S®PACE 2 - Protocol and Application Classification Engine - is a software that is used by Network & Security Equipment Vendors to enhance their network traffic products with state-of-the-art IP traffic analytics capabilities supplying data related to

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Classification of

Extraction of

  • Protocols such as HTTP, SSL or Bittorrent
  • Content  such as URL’s and Executable Files
  • Applications such as Facebook, Skype or Tor
  • Metadata such as bandwidth usage, traffic volume, connection duration, attachment types
  • Application Attributes  such as Skype Video Call or Skype Text Messaging
  • QoS/ QoE indicators such as jitter, throughput & packet loss


Functionality of R&S®PACE 2

R&S®PACE 2 uses Deep Packet Inspection Technology together with a comprehensive toolbox of methodologies such as:

  • atomic pattern matching,
  • heuristics and
  • behavioral analysis

to reliably detect in realtime even encrypted and actively hiding applications & protocols with a very low false negative rate and virtually no false positives.

Find out more about how Network & Security Equipment vendors use R&S®PACE 2 to add value for their customers on our solutions page. More Details about R&S®PACE 2 can be found in the R&S®PACE 2 Solution Guide.

Benefits of R&S®PACE 2

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