Build vs. Buy: DPI Software

Revealing facts and arguments that you must consider when deciding whether to build or buy deep packet inspection software

When your network solution needs DPI application awareness, choosing to build it in-house or to license the software from a DPI specialist can be a difficult decision that is challenging many organizations of all sizes. The answer is not as easy as simply comparing costs, because key elements can be overlooked, strategic decisions may be omitted and hidden costs might be missed.

The key to making the right decision for your organization is to consider relevant factors and arguments on both sides of the debate and discount the irrelevant points. This free advisory guide summarizes the pros and cons of building or buying DPI software that you should not ignore before developing your own solution versus going outside.

Who should read this guide?

This advisory guide is appropriate for non-technical & technical individuals at organizations that are thinking about, have recently started or are in the midst of an initiative involving DPI software

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