Work-life balance is a reality at ipoque. Statements like “Time for your family – not only on weekends” are incorporated in the company flyer. More importantly, they are not just empty talk but practiced each day, for a good reason. My experience shows that software engineers who work more than eight hours per day are making more programming errors, an experience I recently shared in an interview with Saxonia’s radio station “MDR Info”.

But at the same time I do not believe in lawful regulations on email policies outside of working hours, as recently suggested by Detlef Wetzel, head of German’s trade union IG Metall. I don’t believe this is feasible. Even if emails are being blocked outside of office hours, people will find ways to reach each other when it is urgently needed.

Over the last week ipoque had the pleasure of interacting with some of Rohde & Schwarz leading sales staff.

Coming from all over the world, 21 participants learned how intelligent networks and application awareness can assist Infrastructure Partners & Vendors, Network Operators and Universities. The agenda included the available ipoque products, common use cases, potential customers and their needs, the established sales approach and the latest marketing material.

The event turned out to be quite a success and more trainings are being planned for future.

Meet Michael, who is ipoque's Director of Product Management. In the interview with team ipoque, he talks about his position, challenges and reasons why he joined ipoque.


Team ipoque: What’s your job at ipoque? What do you do here?

Michael: I am Director of Product Management. My task is to successfully guide our products in the market and to lead the product development. That means that I analyze the customer needs and trends in order to see which features our products need to have. I make sure that our products are competitive. They have to satisfy both, internal and external demands.


Team ipoque: How did you first come into contact with ipoque?

Michael: My first direct contact was the job interview. However, I got to know the company in 2009 as a customer when I worked for a large mobile operator.