March 14, 2013 - 14:00

Last week ipoque showcased our solutions at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the mobile capital and a place for innovation and future trends, the right place for ipoque.

The congress started with a bang. In the opening Operator Keynote, Xi Guohua, the vice chairman and party secretary of China Mobile, addressed the “disruptive changes” that are having “profound impacts” on mobile operators – introducing an age of “traffic management”. Referencing the 187% increase in data traffic on China Mobile’s network last year, he predicted that mobile devices would soon become the main way we access the Internet and predicts this data traffic will continue to grow.

This is reaffirming the trend we are seeing right across the industry. The use of mobile devices to access the Internet is becoming the medium of choice, with more than two-thirds (69 percent) of all Internet users, according to Mobile Web Watch 2012, a study of consumers in Europe, Latin America and South Africa conducted by Accenture (NYSE: ACN).

This traffic shift is pressure on the operators and all network solution vendors servicing network operators, like intelligence providers, reporting and subscriber analytics systems, policy and charging solution, firewall vendors to network security providers need to incorporate application awareness into their solutions to remain relevant to the business changes of network operators.

The recognition of this situation for operators by the world’s largest operator (China Mobile has 710 million subscribers) is a clear affirmation of ipoque’s strategy to deliver advanced DPI connectivity to give operators the ability to manage traffic right down to the application layer.

This was one of our best events and we received a very great feedback from the market with many network operators, infrastructure suppliers, and firewall vendors contacting us to help them over come these traffic challenges

If you were not able to attend MWC click here to see our booth through our favorite medium, the Internet!

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